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You walk peacefully , lovingly with wisdom in your words . They are soothing , effective.

There are some of us at the opposite end of the spectrum , waaayyy over the top ,gorging on emoting.

This is a part of what I wrote to a friend.

“ i have a quiver of arrows ready for my intent, my aim and my deadly kill. I feel Artemis ,the goddess of the hunt .

My prey , finally , is the word ‘no’ ; is the poison ,’sorry’, the insult, ‘are you sure?’

In my blood I write a contract on these life threats which I have allowed near my heart, allowed to cap my freedom , my creation.

I swear to you friend ,I will forbid these culprits with the lethal tips of my arrows, entrance to my life , entrance to yours, if you like.

Dramatically and mean it


Ahahaha you have created with your calm , with your wise, a good place for uneasy writers to let it rip before covering their mouths and skittering under the keyboard.

Thank you , again Clintavo

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