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Jun 10, 2022Liked by Clintavo

I am a little past the middle but I found not looking back all the time and just moving forward is the best for me to stay interested and not becoming complacent. My master gardening ritual, which keeps me fit, as well as my walking keeps me in the spirit of life and releases new insights to my artistic endeavors. I have found myself always ahead of the crowd. God only knows why and I don’t question it. And maybe certain artists are always a step ahead of the pack.

Finding interest in new things has always excited me. I am creating some digital fine art paintings now, experimenting and plunging into an area where few are just starting to go. Many question whether digital art is really art. How foolish people are. The only reason I can excel at digital is my experience with painting original art, which I still do. It just seemed like the next step in my adventure. Loving creating using new tools and learning what I am best at. It is a journey and I will continue that journey of learning and creating until I can’t.

So in conclusion, we never have to give up the interest in doing something new. And those that think that age stops you from pursuing a new adventure gives up too much of their spirit to what others say you should do at a certain age.

When my mind goes, I go. Until then I will keep exploring and creating.

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