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Love this essay, Clint. I agree wholeheartedly with the point of your essay-the magic is in the artist, not the gear. I wonder why we feel so uncomfortable being ourselves? And feel we have to be like the other guy! Maybe it is because we want to be accepted or the fear to be different.

Just after graduating from college, I created a painting, “Women in Art, Where Are They?”. This was in 1985. I was making a comment on my art history courses and the history books had very few women recognized as artists. Just several in the 1970’s!

My painting took 1st place in the juried exhibition at the Cayuga Museum of Art and Science in Cayuga, NY, juried by a prominent gallery in Rochester, NY. But even though I was very proud of the honor, I felt I couldn’t show it to the general public at that time because of gender inequality, not only in the arts for women, but in society as well. It would fall on deaf ears and neglectful eyes and arguments. I didn’t put it on my website until the later 1990’s.

I had painted it using famous paintings in quilting shapes in squares on a quilt that a modern day woman was tending on her lap. One guy at the opening came up to me, not knowing I was the artist, and said, “You know what would be really great, if she would make the actual quilt”. He obviously didn’t get it. And that painting is still true today for women trying to get into galleries and museums-43 years later.

I always seem to be ahead of the curve when creating my paintings because I listen to my heart about the problems we face in society that I recognize as my own as well. I put them out there more readily now because I don’t care if they are liked because I am an ARTIST. The money isn’t the priority, even though I wish more sold for the storage space alone. It is my soul that must be tended. I really get a kick when people express their feelings about my paintings. The most common comment is that they are fun, and they are so happy. Most are about serious subjects but apparently I must have a catharsis while painting them and my soul is happy I am expressing myself. I really can’t explain it.

Painting is my life and I can’t stop, just as you expressed. Creating 17 paintings in 8 weeks, the members of an organization I am in asked if I ever sleep. I sleep very well, thank you, every night getting a good 8 hours. Expressing yourself is peaceful.

Until you realize that you are creating for yourself and for no one else, you are burdened with the acceptance of others. And it will hold you hostage no matter what form of Art you create.

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100%. @Phil, I also agree with you. There are many people who desire to be impersonators. That's great too. The world needs them as well (to keep the memory of those artists alive). But I do have to say, no matter how good the impersonator, there is still a difference between those that try to match the original and the original itself. Painting and art: ultimately I don't know of any copy that hasn't passed the scrutiny of science as an original (note that I say ultimately). We stray from the point, though, of Clint's article. I think Clint is saying to just be yourself.

I am a professional pianist as well as a professional visual artist. There had been many years I tried to "be" other artists and that didn't make me happy. I ended up being down on myself and frustrated. I finally felt liberated and happy when I realized that I have certain "voices" or "signatures" that were specifically mine and began to embrace those. That's when I FELT success at being an artist. AND that's when I started being happy for other artists. I can't BE them and they can't BE me.

In the light of the impersonators, if that is what the artist wants to do, then "they" should do everything to be the best impersonator they can be. Absolutely. But even then... there will be a little "voice" or style that is specifically theirs - where even science can tell one copy from another based on the artist.

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Ok I agree with all you said. There will always be one whoever. Put a Tiger Woods golf club in your hand doesn't make you play like him...

Got it

But you missed out on one important thing......knockoffs

Almost every old rock and roll band has at least one knockoff group. Hell the beatles have at least 6 beatle bands currently touring. Michael Jackson has impersonators world wide.

Are they famous as the originals? No. But some are just as good. And making money.

So consider the impersonators.

And just wait till AI comes into the picture.

The world is changing....

The Texas Artist

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We should enjoy the inspiration other talented artists share, but then use that inspiration to develop and share our own voice. Who wants to be a cheap knockoff!

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I think Eddie also once said that the tone was in his fingers, not his gear.

Good one.

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Beautifully said!

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