I want to save this reminder, Clint, I remember the anecdotes and love seeing the lesson distilled from them.

I want to see the creators and their things of beauty, invested with a piece of their mortality, for their beauty, just as I want me and mine to be seen for what it has, by those looking for it, whether they realize it or not at the time.

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This is great, thanks Clint. Actually gave me a lot to chew on.

I'm glad of your approach to the DC metro thing. I normally hate that example because people lean on it as an example of how uneducated and pedestrian people are: "Oh, they're so busy going to work they don't recognize top art!"

Naw man, I recognize great buskers in the subways all the time. But I'm going to work. It's the wrong venue to deliver this to me.

In video, this is why Vimeo is different than YouTube (is different than TikTok). "Short film" vs "video content" vs "social media video".

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